Discover the Award Winning taste of Thunder Toffee Vodka. With its subtle combination of five times distilled wheat grain vodka and natural toffee syrup, making it 100% natural.


Awards have been received from the highly acclaimed Spirit Business Awards International Spirit Challenge &  The Great Taste by The Guild of Fine Foods, awarding body.

Thunder Toffee Vodka was first awarded gold back in 2009, for flavoured spirit drink. The awarding body for this particular award comes from The Spirits Business who stages The Vodka Masters in a drive to reward the finest brands, Judged and chosen by a panel of leading spirits and on-trade specialists! Since Thunder Toffee + Vodkas first award in 2009, we  have since received a further four gold awards for each of the following years  2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014.

The Great Taste awards are organised by The Guild of Fine Foods. It is the acknowledgement benchmark for specialty food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars of the food world’ and ‘the epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply The Great Taste award logo is a sign of trust for  the consumer when buying good quality food & Drink.


Absolutely loved this vodka - the taste was delicious. I didn’t mix it with anything just on the rocks. Such a great value for money. I’m almost ready to order my next bottle!”


“You feel it going down (nice & warm) Then you get that gorgeous toffee taste that just melts on your tongue.”


“The toffee taste is gorgeous. You could have it with ice or we like to drink it from shot glasses. How ever you serve it, it is gorgeous.”


"Have been trying to get a good Toffee Vodka for ages .To my delight I found this Thunder toffee Vodka . It’s so smooth as it’s in your mouth and bit like caramel then as you swallow it down you get this lovely present warmth at the back of the throat and feel it as it goes down . Drink it on its own or in a cocktail but not as a short as it really not do it justice."


"Absolutely DELICIOUS! I have had multiple family members and friends recommend this specific toffee vodka to me and I’m not disappointed! It has a beautiful sweet toffee flavor and unlike other versions doesn’t have a horribly overpowering vodka kick making it dangerously easy to drink and absolutely divine both over ice and with mixer."


"I had never tried toffee vodka before I bought this. Recommended by a friend it is delicious, a bit too delicious, I have to be very strong willed not to have too much. Mmmm alcoholic toffee. Yum yum."


'Thunder' Toffee Vodka is out of this world. I have tried different Vodka flavours, but this is a must have in the drinks cabinet. Even an occasional drinker would have to admit to appreciating this."


"Oh my gods this is sooo yummy! Never had Thunder vodka before but this is definitely going to be a repeat purchase. The price, the bottle, the taste. Heaven is a vodka."


"One of my all time favourite drinks!
First time trying this and if you have a sweet tooth like me then you will love it, a really deep rich sweet toffee flavour that will leave wanting more.
Beautiful smell, creamy rich taste and leaves your mouth totally satisfied. Really can not stress how good it is and how happy I am to find this little treasure, pure gold."